Thursday, January 15, 2009

Want To Learn Irish?

a link to learning Irish Gaelic :

This is the best one Ive found so far, its just the trail version--but it is pretty extensive. *Hint* if you click the turtle button, you can slow down the pronunciation so you can understand it better.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Welcome to the first edition of The Irish American! You're among friends, so pull up a chair and enjoy your time here.

If you have any topic you'd like to discuss, feel free to speak up!

*did you know that alot of our modern slang came straight form the Irish?

45 slang/descended-from-slang words attributed to the working-class Irish.

1. Babe (sexually attractive young woman)
2. Baloney (as in foolishness)
3. Bee's Wax (as in "none of your…")
4. Booze
5. Brat
6. Chuck (as in "to throw")
7. Cop (as in policeman)
8. Dork
9. Dude
10. Fluke
11. Freak
12. Gams (as in legs)
13. Geek
14. Guzzle
15. Hick (as in peasant or country fool)
16. Honky
17. Jerk
18. Lunch
19. Lick (as in to beat someone)
20. Ma/Pa
21. Mug (as in someone's face)
22. Malarkey (foolish talk)
23. Mutt
24. Phoney
25. EDITED***(if you really want to know, leave a comment with your email and ill let you know)
26. Puss (as in mouth or lips)
27. Slugger (as in baseball hitter)
28. Queer (as in odd)
29. Razzamatazz (showing off, high spirits)
30. Root (as in to cheer for)
31. Slew (as in large number, a whole… of 'em)
32. Shanty
33. Shindig (party)
34. Shoo
35. Whiskey
36. Skinny (inside information)
37. Slacker
38. Slogan
39. Smack (as in to hit)
40. Sock (as in to punch)
41. Spunk (spirit, energy, semen)
42. Sucker (as in fool)
43. Taunt
44. Yacking
45. Yellow (as in cowardly)